Refreshments and Entertainment

Tuesday afternoon will include the favorites you have come to expect at the Summer Meeting. Satisfy your sweet tooth by grabbing a bowl of ice cream served in the Velvet Ice Cream Garden, compete in the Putting Contest hosted by Dawson Companies, and relax to the songs you love performed by Bill Foley.

Games & Tournaments

Challenge your friends by competing in the Cornhole and Golf Pong tournaments. These tournaments are complimentary and your team will be registered onsite. Other games will be available to keep you entertained and busy all afternoon long.

Oilfield Theatre

Feel like staying cool? Then check out the film room where you can view industry-related films. (And who knows, there may even be popcorn.)

Dinner and Awards

And, don’t forget about the door prizes to be awarded during the awards dinner (Please note that you must be present at the Tuesday dinner to claim your prize.)